New Distribution Agreement with TMSi

Now distributors for TMSi, specialist Dutch manufacturer of electrophysiological research devices.

Linton Instrumentation is pleased to announce that we are now UK distributors and part of a growing international network, for TMSi, a leading Dutch manufacturer of electrophysiological amplifiers and accessories, aimed specifically at researchers in universities, research institutions, hospitals and private companies.

Known for their superb quality, innovation and customer service, we are excited to represent their range in the UK. The equipment would be relevant to researchers with an interest in:

  • Cognitive performance – using EEG and ERPs in psychology and neuroscience studies
  • Social interaction – monitoring different cognitive functions using EEG & hyper-scanning
  • Mental workload – EEGEye Tracking and fNIRS studies
  • Robotic control – advancing rehabilitation through EMG and HD-EMG
  • Body mechanics – applying EMG and HD-EMG to evaluate muscle activity

To read more about the range, click here, or call us today on tel. 01379 651344.