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Catheters for Mice and Rats

Three principles drive the designs of Instech's mouse and rat catheters: (1) that each model is designed specifically for the species and vessel; (2) that the catheter has an ideal fit with the external device to which it will be attached; and (3) that customization is simple enough that every surgeon can have a design to match his or her technique.

All Instech catheters are made of medical grade tubing, assembled and packed in a cleanroom and sterilized by ethylene-oxide gas. They are available in the following sizes (IDxOD):

3Fr – 0.64 x 1.0mm
2Fr – 0.43 x 0.69mm
1Fr – 0.18 x 0.36mm
0.8Fr – 0.13 x 0.25mm

Always use sterile lock and flush solutions, otherwise you have defeated the purpose of having a sterile catheter.

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