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Tubing, PinPorts™ and Connectors

Having the right materials and equipment can make all the difference in your research. Be sure your tubing, PinPorts™ and connectors are appropriately mated and designed for your type of study.

Tubing main


Bulk tubing for laboratory animal research, including polyethylene, polyurethane, silicone, co-extruded PE/PVC and FEP



Miniature ports for quick, clean access to externalised laboratory animal catheters or tubing for dosing or sampling

Luer Stubs, Couplers, Plugs and Connectors

Tubing Connectors

Luer stubs, couplers, plugs, three-and four-way connectors in a variety of sizes to match your application

Tubing, PinPorts™ and Connectors Categories