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Metabolism products

Metabolism – The fire of life, the energy and fuel that makes behavior, thought, and movement possible. Using advanced technological solutions, we measure: food/drink intake, driven by time or amount, expended during exercise, processed by the gut, under (in)voluntary control of the brain.

Mouse Cage. Rat Cage.  Mice and Rat Cages. Our vision behind the home cage testing is to bring the experiment to the animal, reducing anxiety induced by handling, removing human bias, and expanding the time of testing.  Integrative solution modules including bodyweight sensors, infrared light beams, running wheels, weight lifting, optogenetic bi-directional control of gut and brain function, monitoring, brain activity, and body temperature with Stellar telemetry implants can be operated in parallel providing ideal conditions for high throughput screening and group comparisons. 

Indirect Gas Calorimetry

The indirect gas calorimetry system measures the animal’s oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production to calculate key metabolic parameters, including the respiratory exchange rate (RER), energy expenditure (EE), and substrate utilization (fat reserves vs carbohydrate catabolism.

The system combines the best possibilities for PULL and PUSH, continuous and multiplexed respirometry. PUSH mode permits hypoxia studies, experiments under germ-free conditions, and exposure to defined gas content.

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