PhenoMaster NG

Next Generation Phenotyping

PhenoMaster System





Three disciplines combined within a single fully automated home cage phenotyping system. Metabolic, behavioural and physiological high definition data continuously captured. Unsurpassed precision, minimal human intervention, highest animal welfare. The new standard in Metabolism Research.

Best Gets Better

PhenoMasterNG - the next generation with improved sensor technology, even higher animal welfare standards and highest data density on the market!

Unique Features

Flawless Metabolic Studies

Continuous Calorimetry for Highest Resolution

Complete Environmental Control

Modular Design for Maximum Flexibility

Full Data Transparency

Superior Standardization & Reproducibility

Pioneer and Market Leader

Thinking ahead is what drives the PhenoMasterNG development & evolution. The result is unparalleled flexibility and unique capabilities. Obesity, diabetes, microbiome studies, cardio-metabolic studies & energy expenditure. We’ve got you covered.


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