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Seenel Imaging and BIOPAC Systems, Inc. Announce a Global Partnership

Seenel Imaging SAS and BIOPAC Systems, Inc. have formed a long-term global partnership to distribute MedelOpt®, Seenel Imaging’s groundbreaking wearable neuroimaging device for the neuroscience research market.

Seenel Imaging, based in France, continues its international expansion by partnering with BIOPAC Systems, Inc., a global leader in physiology research and education technology. This milestone agreement allows Seenel Imaging and BIOPAC to offer a unique line of patented functional neuroimaging devices for Research Applications (Mobility • Infinity • Tandem). These fully integrated and wearable devices combine electroencephalogram (EEG) and functional near-infrared spectrography (fNIRS) for real-time noninvasive measurement and recording of brain activity. These devices are designed for both first-time users and research centers with expertise in these procedures.

This new partnership will provide exceptional potential for delivering the highest quality technologies and services to the neuroscience research market.

“We are excited to partner with a global leader in research for physiology measurement. It is a privilege to collaborate with the BIOPAC team and to strengthen our footprint globally. With BIOPAC, we can provide a unique solution and support researchers to develop a better understanding of how the brain works. We are delighted with the agreement, which allows both companies to continue growing in the exciting research market.“ —Thomas Fontaine, CEO and Founder, Seenel Imaging

“BIOPAC is delighted to expand our fNIRS product offerings with this new partnership with Seenel Imaging. The unique MedelOpt headset, with its multimodal approach, simplifies setup and provides researchers with a powerful scientific tool for neuroscience research. We’re excited to present this technology to the global research community and can’t wait to see how it enhances our understanding of the brain.” —Frazer Findlay, CEO, BIOPAC Systems, Inc.

About Seenel Imaging |

Seenel Imaging was founded in 2018 and is currently based in Amiens and Tourcoing, France. Seenel developed MedelOpt® as a bimodal high-density fNIRS/EEG device that would provide the research community with an accessible yet powerful neuroimaging solution. MedelOpt® is designed to address neuroscience research requirements for psychological, sports science, and a comprehensive range of neurodevelopmental research.

About BIOPAC Systems, Inc. |

BIOPAC lets researchers and students measure physiology anywhere with innovative, compatible solutions that can be used by anyone for meaningful discovery. BIOPAC makes high-quality scientific tools for physiology measurement and interpretation with superior interoperability and world-class customer service and support. We focus on the following:

  • Innovating educational solutions that engage, excite, are easily customizable, and streamline the learning process
  • Empowering cutting-edge tools that inspire endless discovery in ambulatory, MRI, lab, real-world, and virtual environments
  • Providing world-class support by collaborating with customers to exchange domain-specific knowledge, perfect methodology, and achieve physiological understanding