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Fiber photometry has become the technique of choice for many researchers in neuroscience, because of its relative simplicity compared to other in vivo recording techniques, its high signal-to-noise ratio, and the ability to record in a variety of behavioral paradigms. It most commonly used in conjunction with genetically-encoded calcium indicators (GECIs, the GCaMP series) . GECIs change their ability to fluoresce based on whether or not they are bound to calcium. Because the internal concentration of calcium in neurons is very tightly regulated and voltage-gated calcium channels open when a neuron fires an action potential, transient increases in internal calcium concentration, which result in transient increases in the ability of a GECI to fluorescence, can be a good proxy for neuronal firing.

RWD offer two fibre photometry solutions, both of which support up to 9 channels, suitable for simultaneous recording from multiple animals or multiple brain locations within a single animal. Both systems are supplied with an integrated behavioural camera and have digital I/O interfaces for synchronisation with other equipment. The available systems are the dual colour R810 (410nm and 470nm) for GCaMP and the tricolour R820 which allows for recording a greater range of fluorescence signals such as RCaMP, dLight, and jrGECO1a.

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