XenoWorks® is a modular microinjection system designed to meet a wide variety of application needs. Our experience with precision motor control has culminated in this state-of-the-art system.

The XenoWorks Digital Microinjector was designed for precision manipulation of cells via an easy-to-use interface. The Digital Microinjector employs two pressure ports, one for holding suspended cells, and a second channel is available for both high-pressure injection and gentle positive/ negative pressure for transfer of embryonic stem cells. Both injection duration and pressure are easily selectable using rotary knobs on the remote interface. The built-in compressor removes the need for an external pressure supply.

XenoWorks® digital microinjection system

The XenoWorks family also includes the Analog Microinjector for simple cell holding and transfer applications, which incorporates the same smooth response and ergonomic design of our other XenoWorks products.


  • Pronuclear microinjection of DNA into mouse zygote
  • Embryonic stem cell transfer into blastocysts
  • Somatic cell nuclear transfer (ES cell)
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • Piezo-assisted sperm-mediated transgenesis
  • Nuclear transfer (NT)
  • Adherent cell microinjection
  • Drosophila injection
  • C. Elegans injection
  • Zebrafish injection

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