Combined fNIRS and EEG

Powerful, Flexible Neuroscientific Research Systems

MedelOpt® systems provide high-density fNIRS with EEG for high density brain mapping. The flexible, adaptable headset adjusts to real-world situations or Virtual Reality environments with a specific design to fit any head mounted VR display. Use for research applications with regions of interest from prefrontal to the cerebellum and through parietal, and lateral cortex. Integrate MedelOpt with other physiological data from BIOPAC devices for multimodal data acquisition.


MedelOpt Systems are designed to support a range of settings and can be expanded as needed.

  • EEG up to 512 Hz and/or fNIRS up to 64 Hz
  • fNIRS density ranging from High Density to Very High Density
  • Emitters/detectors can be added to the headset to increase channel count

Unique design developed by researchers for researchers delivers bimodality to flexi-modularity. MedelOpt systems can be adapted from EEG/fNIRS modality to hyperscanning to support a range of interests and budgets.

MedelOpt Infinity
MedelOpt Mobility
MedelOpt Tandem

MedelOpt Infinity Systems for very high density whole brain mapping and custom advanced montages with variable depths

MedelOpt Mobility Systems for high density mapping with complete mobility with an unlimited range of acquisition

MedelOpt Tandem Systems for synchronized acquisitions, hyperscanning, and social interactions