67 Intravenous Microdialysis catheter

The 67 Intravenous Clinical Microdialysis Catheter
(for peripheral vein).

– For global blood monitoring
– Easy insertion using a standard peripheral venous catheter (PVC)
– Continuous measurements for up to three days.

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M Dialysis 67 Intravenous Microdialysis catheter

  • For blood monitoring up to 72 hours
  • Easy insertion by standard peripheral venous catheter (PVC)

The sterile single use 67 Intravenous Microdialysis Catheter is intended for continuous microdialysis monitoring in the peripheral venous system for up to three days. The 67 IV Microdialysis Catheter allows energy related metabolites, drugs and other small substances to diffuse into the catheter reflecting accurate concentrations in the blood.

The 67 IV Microdialysis Catheter is inserted by using a standard peripheral venous catheter (PVC) and can be used intravenously for up to 72 hours of monitoring. The clean samples and possibility for frequent sampling makes it ideal for clinical research. The catheter is available in 4 different versions of membrane and shaft lengths. Recovery performance is optimized by using the type with 30 mm membrane at 0.3 µl/min flow rate.

The catheter inlet tubing is connected to a Microdialysis Pump and the outlet ends in a microvial which collects the sample. The samples can be analysed in the ISCUSflex Microdialysis Analyser for Glucose, Lactate, Pyruvate, Glycerol, Glutamate and Urea or sent to the laboratory for further investigations.

Ordering information for 67 IV MD Catheter

Ref. No.
8050090 67 IV Microdialysis Catheter 46/10, 4/pkg
8050091 67 IV Microdialysis Catheter 46/20, 4/pkg
8050092 67 IV Microdialysis Catheter 46/30, 4/pkg
8050093 67 IV Microdialysis Catheter 130/10, 4/pkg


P000001 Microvials, 250/pkg
P000028 Microvial Rack, 12/pkg
P000154 Microvial Rack, Sterile, 12×4/pkg

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Product Note

Material Length (mm)
Length (mm)
Length (mm)
Length (mm)
Shaft PAES* 10 30 0.50 0.50
Membrane PAES* 10 30 0.50 0.50
Inlet Tubing Polyurethane 400 400 0.38 0.38
Outlet Tubing Polyurethane 100 100 0.38 0.38
PVC Polyurethane 100 100 0.38 0.38
Membrane Cut-off: Approx. 20,000 Daltons or 100,000 Daltons

*PAES = Polyarylethersulphone

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