Anaesthesia Masks/Breathing Circuits for Traditional Vaporizers

Rodent face masks are made from clear acrylic and fit all non-rebreathing systems. The diaphragms on these masks seal the mask around the face of the rodent and reduce the amount of anaesthetic gases that may leak into the room.

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All masks include extra diaphragm material. Please let us know the required tubing length for your MRI applications when ordering.


  • Face mask diaphragms are made from 12 mil thick latex
  • Openings can be cut in the diaphragm to accommodate rodents of different sizes
  • Kent Scientific anaesthesia masks are MRI compatible


Support Documents

Anaesthesia Mask Circuit Instructions

Size Dimensions Product code
X-Small (For Weanling Mice) 17 mm diameter, 19 mm deep VetFlo-0304
Small (For Rodents Up to 150 g) 25 mm diameter, 19 mm deep VetFlo-0305
Medium (For Rodents 150 to 200 g) 38 mm diameter, 28.5 mm deep VetFlo-0306
Large (For Rodents 200 to 350 g) 44 mm diameter, 38 mm deep VetFlo-0307
X-Large (For Rodents 350 g+) 51 mm diameter, 44 mm deep VetFlo-0308

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