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Rotary Fluid Joints for Freely-Moving Tethered Rats and Mice

The Instech fluid swivel has been in use for nearly 50 years and has earned a reputation as the finest in the industry. The swivel, a device that rotates to keep the catheter from tangling, is a critical part of any continuous animal infusion system.

Manufactured with precision to ensure ease of rotation, durability and reliability, the swivel design minimizes internal dead volume and eliminates stagnant regions along the fluid path. Fluids passing through the swivel touch only stainless steel hypodermic tubing and Teflon. Self-adjusting seals, at the heart of every Instech swivel, actually improve with use.

Swivels are available in a variety of sizes for use with a range of species—rodents to large animals. They work with Instech's button, harness, and head block tethers. For optimal performance they should be mounted above the animal's cage with one of Instech's swivel/cage mounts, ideally counter-balanced to remove slack in the tether. Swivels are also available as part of pre-assembled infusion kits.

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