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SurgiSuite Multi-Functional Surgical Platform

Multi-Function Surgical Platform

The SurgiSuite Multi-Functional Surgical Platform has an easy-to-clean, chemical resistant base which includes a channel for collecting fluids during surgical operations. Integrated Far Infrared Warming is designed into the platform.

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The SurgiSuite multi-functional surgical platform from Kent Scientific is avilable in two sizes, mouse and rat. The rat-sized SurgiSuite provides you with a larger surface area and warming pad.

SURGI-M SurgiSuite Multi-Functional Surgical Platform for Mice
SURGI-M01 SurgiSuite for Mice, with Lighting and Magnification
SURGI-R SurgiSuite for Rats
SURGI-M02 SurgiSuite for Mice, with Warming
SURGI-R01 SurgiSuite for Rats, with Lighting and Magnification
SURGI-M03 SurgiSuite for Mice, with Lighting and Magnification, and Warming
SURGI-R02 SurgiSuite for Rats, with Warming
SURGI-R03 SurgiSuite for Rats, with Lighting and Magnification, and Warming
SURGI-M04 SurgiSuite for Mice, with Lighting and Magnification, Warming, and Intubation
SURGI-R04 SurgiSuite for Rats, with Lighting and Magnification, Warming, and Intubation


System Includes

  • Easy to clean, chemical-resistant base
  • Stainless steel surgical surface
  • 2 magnetic anesthesia mask/intubation tubing stabilizers (1 small and 1 large)
  • Magnetic limb positioners (4-pack with elastic wires)
  • Elastomer wire positioner (1 meter)
  • Detachable procedure bowl
  • Disposable platform covers (5-pack)


Optional Add-Ons

  • Easily connect a mouse or rat Intubation Kit with your SurgiSuite.
  • Optional far infrared warming pad and controller lets you easily set and identify target temperature.
  • Our optional LED Lighting and Magnification Kit includes 3 flexible LED lights, a clip-on magnifier and a USB power strip. Lighting plugs directly into the USB power strip (the USB strip must be connected to a power outlet). You can plug in up to 7 USB devices, each with its own on/off switch.
  • Optional retractor wires and retractor tips provide maximum control with minimum clutter. Retractor wires lock into fixators to allow both linear and rotational adjustment over the entire length of the wire. Tips can be locked onto a wire for static retraction, or affixed to an elastic wire to form a dynamic retractor.
  • If you would like to monitor and regulate the animal temperature, the PhysioSuite® with RightTemp® temperature monitoring and homeothermic control is available and easily connects to the warming pad.
  • Dynamic retraction vs static retraction
    Dynamic retraction vs static retraction



  • The surgical area is surrounded by a ferro-magnetic stainless steel plate
  • The surgical field is protected by a plastic cover
  • The procedure bowl included with each platform can be used for quick access to gauze, cotton-tip applicators or to hold fluids; multiple bowls can be accommodated
  • The included multi-positional stabilizers can be used to stabilize the animal or anesthesia tubing connected to your nose cone or tracheal tube inspiratory and expiratory


Support Documents

SurgiSuite Retractor Cleaning ans Sterilisation Recommendations
SurgiSuite Product Sheet

SurgiSuite Mouse SurgiSuite Rat
Base Dimensions: 12.90″ x 16.80″

(32.77 cm x 42.67 cm)

15.75″ x 17.80″

(40.01 cm x 45.21 cm)

Stainless Steel Area: 11.90″ x 7.90″

(30.23 cm x 20.07 cm)

12.75″ x 10.75″

(32.39 cm x 27.31 cm)

Warming Surface Area: 6.6″ x 5″

(16.51 cm x 12.7 cm)

8.75″ x 6.75″

(22.23 cm x 17.15 cm)