Low-flow electronic vaporizer

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The SomnoFlo® is a compact, standalone vaporizer that uses either ambient air with an internal air pump or compressed gas. It delivers only the anesthetic required by the animal according to its weight with flows down to 0.05 LPM.


SomnoFlo® is a low-flow electronic vaporizer with an automated delivery system. Just connect your anesthetic bottle directly to SomnoFlo and the system is ready for your procedure.

System Includes

  • Integrated touch-screen display
  • Internal 100 mL anesthetic bottle compartment
  • External 250 mL bottle connection and holder
  • Anti-spill, anti-vapor bottle top adapter
  • Two accessory adapter
  • WAG canister and holder
  • 1-Year 100% Parts & Labor Standard Warranty


Anaesthetic Delivery System

100ml setup 250ms setup

SomnoFlo draws anesthetic directly from the 100mL bottle within the unit with easy access, while 250mL bottles are placed in a convenient holder outside the vaporizer.


Extreme Precision & Accuracy, Flow Rates as Low as 50mL/min Just right for mice and other small animals
Ambient Air or Compressed Gas Saves time, increases accuracy, decreases WAG
Less Waste Gas Exposure Increases user safety
Automated Anesthetic Delivery System Ensures precision to 0.1%
No Annual Calibration or Certification Provides for reproducible and uninterrupted studies


Operates With Ambient Air or Compressed Gas

Setup comparison


Intuitive Touchscreen Control

Intuitive Touchscreen Control

Easy to follow controls on SomnoFlo’s touchscreen display ensure simple, intuitive operation.


SomnoFlo setup with warming

Carrier Gas Flow Rate:
Range 50mL/min to 1L/min
Setting mL/min with display of the corresponding animal weight
Sensor Electronic Gas Flow Sensor to automatically control anesthetic delivery


Modes Ambient air from internal compressor or external compressed gas
Anaesthetic Compatible with both isoflurane and sevoflurane
Presets User settable
Flush Yes
Maintenance No annual calibration

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