e-Celsius Performance Core Temperature Monitoring System

e-Celsius Performance from BodyCap is a unique solution for continuous core temperature monitoring. The ingestible pill continuously monitors and records core body temperature and has internal memory embedded, enabling guaranteed continuous recording in any environment without resticting movement.

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The temperature variable is a key indicator of the subject’s physiological status. The continuous nature of the measurement is quite difficult to obtain and only a few restrictive devices (rectal, esophageal probes, etc.) allow continuous core temperature monitoring.

The e-CELSIUS® Performance solution from BodyCap makes it possible to collect continuous, reliable and accurate core temperature data while preserving the subjects’ comfort and mobility. It is composed of 3 elements:

An ingestible electronic capsule: The capsule is delivered individually packaged. Once activated, it communicates in real time, and continuously transmits the core temperature data. The single-use e-Celsius® Performance capsule is removed naturally, allowing it to monitor the core temperature over a period corresponding to the transit time (24-48 hours on average).

e-Celsius capsule

A monitor: The e-Viewer® Performance monitor receives and records the data transmitted by the capsule. The communication distance between the capsule and the monitor ranges from 1 to 3m (depending on environment and subject). The capsule has also its own memory. In case of a communication disruption between the monitor and the capsule, data continues to be captured by the capsule and automatic synchronization is resumed once communication re-established. The same monitor can manage up to three capsules simultaneously in order to manage several subjects in parallel or for extended use.

eViewer Monitor

An activator: An activation box takes the e-Celsius® capsule out of standby mode, activating it and allowing you to associate it with the e-Viewer® Performance monitor.

Key benefits

Designed by physiologists, the solution was developed to combine comfort and ease of use. The e-Celsius® Performance solution is currently the only solution on the market allowing continuous core temperature monitoring without any constraint for the subject. Thanks to the on-board memory in the capsule, temperature monitoring can be continuous, without the need to wear the monitor continuously. Key advantages of the solution for our customers:

  • Improve the conditions for subjects monitoring
  • Preserve ecological monitoring condition (real life, competition, field exercise, …)
  • Secure tests and protocols
  • Reduce recruitment constraints
  • Limit artifacts associated to the operator
  • Improve decision-making through reliable and accurate data and access to a complete history.



Clinical and basic research
The temperature variable is regularly part of the “Primary outcomes” in the context of a clinical trials. Continuous, reliable and accurate temperature monitoring allows to secure the protocols without adding any constraints for the subject and the operator.

Prevention of hyperthermia and hypothermia
Long duration exercises performed in hot environment induce potential rise in core temperature that could range from hyperthermia to heat stroke. The constraint is similar for people exercising in cold condition; hypothermia risks have to be anticipated.

Thermoregulation process efficiency evaluation
In the context of sports performance, thermoregulatory responses are very different among individuals. Objective measurement of the core temperature during  exercise allows to individualize training processes. The e-Celsius® Performance solution allows individualization of  heat acclimatization protocols and better preparation for competitions in hot environments.

Core temperature is a key indicator of the subjects’ biological rhythmicity. Continuous monitoring of this variable allows the characterization of the core temperature circadian rhythm, which is critical for sleep analysis and the sleep disorders diagnosis.


Scientific references

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Product Downloads

e-Celsius Brochure

e-Celsius® Performance capsule

Delivered cleaned
Storage 2 years
Weight 1.7g
Size 17.7mm x 8.9mm
Sampling period 15s, 30s, 1min, 2min, 5min
Accuracy 0.2°C
Calibration range 25°C to 45°C
FIFO memory 2000 data capacity
Data transfer RF transmission (433 – 434MHz)
Communication range

(environment and patient dependant)

Life duration 20 days (with F = 30s)


e-Viewer® Performance monitor

3 capsules per monitor
Multichannel 7 monitors in parallel
Storage 150 185 data per capsule
Autonomy 24/36h
Size 120mm x 70mm x 15mm
Activator size 69mm x 59mm x 31mm